OMG, did I just run?

For two years now, i’m on a diet. I try to watch what I eat and I changed my whole eating routine. I eat a lot healthier and I feel a lot fitter then I did two years ago. I lost a lot of weight already. I had a minor ‘breakdown’ in the beginning of the year, but now I’m back on track. I’m back to the salads at noon, the fruit in the morning and I’m addicted to a special brand of crackers that are sold in a shop locally. Unlucky for me, they are only a temporarly item, so have to get myself a stash for when they’re no longer sold.

Next to being back to the healthy food, I’m picking up another good habbit. I bought myself a fitbit and I must admit, it boosts me to do extra steps each day. I tend to do at least 10000 steps every day. Most of the days, it’s a reachable target. Especially the work days are rather easy to make it to 10000. I park my car a bit further from school, I do extra tours in the class, I take the long walk to another class room,… But on weekend days it’s hard to get those 10000 steps. Especially those Sundays where you have nothing really planned, or when you have plans that involve a lot of sitting and no walking around, like going on restaurant. I started to plan my sundays in a way that I get my steps anyway. My sunday routine involves a visit to the local supermarket, open on sunday, to get my ingredients for my lunch salads on monday. The straight way to the supermarket gets me 2500 steps, so instead of doing that walk, I take a walk throught my hometown and I do all the aisles in the shop, although I don’t need anything in that particulary aisle. That way, I get (depending on which way I take to get back home) easily 5000 steps. When I really take the long way, I get 8000 steps.


I also took up the swimming again. I try to get myself to the swimming pool twice a week and do 50 lengths each time. So you could say I don’t do that bad with the little excercice. But I felt the need to spice it up a bit. As I already stated, I do feel fitter that I did a while ago, so why not try to excercice a bit more. Off course I want to lose some more weight (because I must admit, losing weight becomes an addiction) but I also want to tighten my body and to tone up my condition.

Last Sunday, we were invited to my mom’s birthday party on restaurant. We were served a delicious meal (and the restaurant owners went the extra mile to make it all without sauces for me), but after the meal I felt bloated, not used  to eat that much anymore. So when we got back home, and I saw the sun was shining, I putted on my sneakers and went for a walk. While I was walking all off the sudden it popped in my head, why should I not try to run a little bit? Could I? So I set myself a little run. Nothing big, my first bit consisted of 100 steps. Well, that wasn’t that bad, was it? So I did another bit, and another bit,… I even did a bit of 400 steps. In total, I ran 1500 steps of my 6000 steps walk. Nothing much, but everyone has to start somewhere.


Friday night, after school, I felt the need to be outdoors, so I took my sneakers, putted on a old sweatpants (seriously, 15 years old that pants and it fits me better than it ever did!) and I started my tour. And it felt so good to be outside. Even the running felt fine. I did a piece of 1000 steps in one stretch, and several smaller pieces so in total I ran 3200 steps of my walk, more than half of it. Today I went for another walk/run and allthough it didn’t went that good as it did on Friday night, I still felt great that I went for it. So now it’s just about keeping up the frequency of going outside twice or three times a week and to build up the running. My main goal is to be able to do the whole tour in one stretch. I know it will take some time to build it up, and a lot of stubbordness to keep on going and not to give up when it does not work out that well like today, but these last days I was told several times that I have a lot of character to stay strong and to continue my efforts, so maybe, who knows, I will work this out too. Do I run smoothly? Not at all! Do I run fast? Haha! As if! But today I crossed several other people who were out walking or running and I did not feel ashamed. Yes, my head is as red as a tomato, yes, my breathing sounds like a steam engine, but you know what, I’m trying and that’s what’s important after all. I always feel envy when I see women running that are clearly also struggling and I always said, wel, it may not look pretty, but at least they’re doing it. So now I say the same, it does not look pretty at all, but I do it, how unpretty or slow it might be.


Eén gedachte over “OMG, did I just run?”

  1. So proud of you!
    Don’t forget your unofficial goal 😉 I’m blocking you on that one…as much as possible.
    Thanks for being an inspiration, a motivator, a listener, a bff….



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