Running as a turtle, but running.

So four weeks ago I started this crazy thing called running.  The first few times were small attempts. It felt good. Every time I went for a run, I did a little bit better than the time before. I found myself a balance and a rythm that works for me. I try to go three times a week. Mostly on Sunday morning, wednesday after school and Friday after school. I feel that the running goes smoother every time, so that encourages me.

A big encouragement on the other side is the fact that friends of me, who have been running for a long time, believe in me and are giving me tips and tricks to improve. Something they all said to me was to get the right gear. So on wednesday afternoon, I decided to pass at the local sport store and treat myself a new pair of running shoes. A treat because I think I deserved one for being a good girl already two weeks and to not quitting yet. And on the other side, I thought maybe new running shoes would give me an extra reason to go running. Those shoes would scream at me from the closet: ‘Let us out! Take us out for a walk, or better, a run!’ And so while I was in the store, I bought myself a new pair of shoes. But I also bought myself a new swimsuit, because I started going to aquagym once a week in our town. And yes, I really did need a new bathing suit, because my bathing suit I have is actually a swim-dress, a swimsuit with a little dress over it, to cover up my curves. Perfect to go for a swim every week, but as I realised during the first session of aquagym, not suitable for aquagym. So new running shoes, new swimsuit,… Oh well, I could just as well buy myself a T-shirt and sweather to run in.


On Friday I came home after school and the sun was shining, almost like spring was just around the corner. So I took my new outfit and went for a run. And I ran as never before. Even better, I didn’t have a sore knee while running. Something that I did had before. So the new shoes must do the trick. Or maybe it was the new outfit? Or the sun?


Last weekend, I had some friends over for the day. We all do scrapbooking, and once a month we come together to scrapbook. But scrapbooking involves a lot of sitting, so not easy to get my steps for the day. I was awake really early on Saturday, and everything was ready for my friends to arrive. I had over an hour left before they would arrive, so I took my sneakers and went for a small run. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be running at sunrise, I would have called you crazy.


A small run because I have already learnt in these few weeks that I have to listen to my body, and especially to my knee. On Wednesday I felt really great and pushed myself realy heard during the run, which felt great at the moment itself, but what paid up afterwards. So I have to take a little step back and do it slowly.


Of course I served a healthy lunch to my friends. They don’t mind. It has become one of our monthly habits to, to eat a healthy lunch on our crop dates.


Unfortunatly I have to take a break from running. The flew has taken me down, sof or the moment I hardly do a 1000 steps a day. I hope to be back up my feet by the weekend and hopefully taking back up the running next week, slowly, like a turtle, but even a turtle gets to it’s destination in the end.

Eén gedachte over “Running as a turtle, but running.”

  1. Hey Daphne,

    Ik kwam heel toevallig op je blog terecht. Wat ben je veranderd 😳 even zitten lezen, echt bewondering dat je dit gewoon op je ééntje hebt gedaan. Ik ga je volgen, zo vind ik misschien ook eens de motivatie om wat op m’n eten te letten, want het is nodig. Groetjes, Kelly


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